Home and Landowners Organization for the Anchorage Hillside

About HALO

 Home And Landowners Organization, Inc. was formed in 1969 and incorporated in 1974, the year the Borough was absorbed into the Municipality under the Home Rule Charter. HALO's mission was to advocate for the rights and lifestyles of people residing outside the City of Anchorage in the newly unified Municipality. HALO continues to exist solely for that purpose. They encompass the original five G-areas (an early zoning designation), which is roughly southeast Anchorage, bounded on the north by Dowling Road and on the west by the Seward Highway.

In 2004, the Basher Community Council requested inclusion, as their issues and concerns are virtually identical. Today, HALO consists of eight Community Councils: Abbott Loop, Basher, Bear Valley, Glen Alps, Hillside-East, Huffman/O'Malley, Mid-Hillside and Rabbit Creek.

HALO members are united in the desire to preserve the unique Hillside quality of life. The HALO newsletter strives to keep members well informed. Assembly Representative and State Legislators participate at monthly meetings.

HALO is a volunteer non-profit organization supported by its members. The Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the Holy Spirit Center, corner of Hillside Drive and O'Malley Road, and meetings are open to all. Dues are $10 per year.

Comments by HALO's President Chris Hamre at HALO's Hillside District Plan "scoping" meeting. (This meeting preceded the MOA's planing effort):

"Many of you remember that HALO has been at the forefront of protecting the Home Rule Charter of Anchorage, and active in ensuring that zoning regulations have been properly followed.

In its early years HALO successfully sued the Greater Anchorage Area Borough (GAAB) to protect the rights of Southeast Anchorage residents to a state-mandated Comprehensive Land Use Plan. HALO also represented the interests of Hillside residents in the enforcement of the City's "Open Meetings" law in 1985. HALO's representatives have testified on such issues as AMATS-road construction, Fire Station closures, Limited Road Services Areas, the Long Range Transportation Plan, under ground utilities, School

District activities, and the Municipal budgets.

For those who have not yet joined HALO, your $10 annual membership will provide you with informative newsletter and email updates on current issues. You can contact us at P.O.Box 110096, Anchorage, AK 99511-0096."

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