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Anchorage Hillside Well Water Protection Program


Incumbent with the right to draw from and discharge into groundwater is the responsibility to protect the quality of the groundwater. A first step towards protecting our water is to understand what's out there now.

As one part of the Well Water Protection Program recommended in the Hillside District Plan, HALO commissioned a report on the quality of the Hillside's well water.

No one has a greater stake in protecting the quality of our well water than those of us who drink it. HALO recognizes the importance of this and guaranteed funding if donations fall short of the $5,000 needed for the initial report. If donations exceed that amount, they will be used for publicizing and printing the report and towards updates.

We hope you will contribute to this citizen run effort.
Please consider a minimum $25 donation when you access this report.

You can pay using a credit card through Paypal:


Or send a check to:

HALO, PO Box 110096, Anchorage, AK 99511-0096
(Note on the check that it is for the Well Water Quality Report.)

Click on the image to access the report.


For more info contact John Weddleton 317-0222
john [at] weddleton.com

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