Home and Landowners Organization for the Anchorage Hillside

HALO's Mission Statement

"HALO's mission is advocacy through education and the advancement of issues related to living in the southeast area of the Municipality of Anchorage."

To accomplish its Mission, HALO is committed:

1. To inquire into matters of interest in the Anchorage community, particularly within the area of interest within the Municipality of Anchorage on the Anchorage Hillside using boundaries established in the Bylaws by the Corporation's board of directors, to bring matters of community importance to the attention of the public, to appear and testify at public meetings on pending zoning, planning, subdivision and public works projects, and other actions of private persons or public  organizations having an impact on the community life style, and in all of these activities to defend the community's unique heritage of a largely natural, pure and healthful environment.

2. To engage, without any obligation to do so, in cooperative community activities for the mutual benefit of home and land owners within the Anchorage Hillside, including community councils within such boundary.

3. To promote communication between the home and land owners within the Anchorage Hillside on one hand, and their municipal government on the other hand, in order that the people may know what their government proposes, and the government may know what the people desire.

4. To promote responsive government free of conflicts of interest.

5. To promote within the Anchorage Hillside the rural way of life in a community of low density settlement, in which the forest and water resources may be adequate to the people's needs, and the character of the community experience remain.

6. To promote public policies that favor the home and land owners, rather than the speculator; that will postpone or eliminate the need for expensive services and utilities by prevention of haphazard, inappropriate, and untimely development; and that will tend to place squarely upon the  shoulders of the developer the entire cost to the community of his development.

7. To negotiate for the common interests and speak for the  members on public issues.

8. To hold meetings of the members to discuss matters of common concern.

9. To meet and provide educational and scientific purposes and serve as a civic league or organization for the promotion of social welfare, education, science and good government in Anchorage, Alaska.

10. To provide any other purpose permitted non-profit corporations under the laws of Alaska and permitted to tax exempt corporations by the Internal Revenue Code."

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