Home and Landowners Organization for the Anchorage Hillside

HALO Resolutions

HALO Support for Vet Village

HALO Comments on AK DNR change in Chugach State Park Trails use regulations.

HALO comment to the Senate Community and Regional Affairs Committee RE: Opposition to Senate Bill 45 regarding annexation of service areas.

(Click here to listen to the first hearing on SB45.)


A resolution to the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding Case 2014-0183 An Amendment to a Public Facility Site Plan Review ... to South Anchorage High School Sports Venue


Resolution Regarding PZC case 2013-0105 Rezone at Huffman and Lake Otis

Resolution Regarding Commodore Drive
February 2014

Resolution Regarding the proposed South Anchorage High School Football Stadium
January 2014

Resolution Regarding Land Use Plan Map amendment for Trailside Heights neighborhood.
January 2014

Resolution regarding changes to Title 21
November 2013

Resolution Regarding Hillside Street Lighting Standards
October 2013

Resolution regarding South Anchorage High School Football Stadium December 13, 2012

Title 21 comments to the Assembly
January 2013

Resolution Regarding South Anchorage High School Baseball Field June 2012

Resolution Regarding HLB sale of land to AWWU for a water tank at Goldenview Middle School
June 2012

Resolution regarding additional parking at Glen Alps
June 2012

Comments on Chugach State Park Access Plan
August 2012

Resolution Encouraging the Assembly to appoint an Organizing Committee for the Hillside Road, Drainage and Trail Service Area October 2011

Resolution in Support of Rezone of Potter Highlands
September 2011

Undergrounding Resolution 9-30-2008

HDP Joint Resolution 2002

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